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 Probabilistic approaches for assessing environmental risks of pesticides
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Joining the EUFRAM network

The EUFRAM network is for sharing information about probabilistic approaches to risk assessment, especially for the environmental risks of pesticides. It will also be used to publicise news about the EUFRAM project, and to tell you when project outputs are available.

Anyone who is interested can join. You can just receive information, or you can send it as well - you decide.

How to join

To join the network, just fill in your name and email address in the following form:

Name: Email Address:

What will happen

When you join the network, you will become a member of an email listserver called eufram-network:

  • You will receive periodic emails from the EUFRAM partners, containing news releases about the project,
  • You will receive emails telling you when major additions are made to the EUFRAM website, including the posting of results from the project,
  • You can share your ideas and comments about EUFRAM and its outputs, or about probabilistic approaches, or about risk assessment in general, with other network members by sending emails to the EUFRAM network server,
  • You will receive copies of emails sent to the network by other members,
  • If you are a researcher, you can share information about your research or invite other network members to collaborate with you,

You can leave the network at any time. Instructions for how to leave will be sent to you automatically by email when you join.

Note: The EUFRAM network is operated by CSL. CSL reserves the right to bar from the network anyone who misuses it by sending inappropriate information.

CSL Logo EUFRAM was a Concerted Action coordinated by CSL and supported by European Commission's 5th Framework Programme, contract number QLK5 - CT 2002 01346. The contents of this website in no way represent the views of the Commission or its services.
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