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 Probabilistic approaches for assessing environmental risks of pesticides
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Project outline

The main work of the EUFRAM project will be done by a core partnership of 27 organisations from government, industry and academia, and comprises three main parts.

  1. Development of a draft framework of basic guidance for risk assessors. The topics to be addressed include:
    • role and outputs of probabilistic assessments
    • methods of uncertainty analysis
    • probabilistic methods for small datasets
    • how to report and communicate results
    • how to validate probabilistic methods
    • how to improve access to existing data
    • requirements for probabilistic software and databases.
    The framework will also include case studies of probabilistic risk assessment, showing how the methods can be applied to assessing impacts of pesticides on terrestrial and aquatic organisms. The first draft of the framework will be published at the end of 2004.

  2. End-user testing. In 2005-2006, the draft framework will be subjected to extensive testing and refinement. A series of three workshops will be organised for potential users, who will be encouraged to trial the framework in their own organisations. Feedback from the users will be used to refine the framework, and it is intended that the final version will be suitable for adoption as standard guidance at the European level.

  3. Public network. At the start of the project a public network will be established to share information about research needs, ongoing projects and future activities related to the continuing development of probabilistic methods for pesticides. This will help to prioritise outstanding research needs, and will encourage initiatives aimed at addressing those needs. The network will also be used to disseminate progress reports and outputs from EUFRAM itself.
The public network is open to everyone. To learn more about how it operates, and to join the network, click here.

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